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" ... last year, during our journy over the Brenner down into Italy ( with standard steel suspension)
the road surfaces made the journey very unpleasant. The same trip now is much much better thanks to VB air suspension. John Wickersham sowed the seed and you were right when you said I would reap the benefits.
How right you were. It's a super system, thank you from the bottom of my fillings.''

Frankia Motorhome owner Mr Duncan Lodge, after having VB-FullAir 2C fitted to his Mercedes Sprinter 416 Frankia 8400QD

''... the adapted car changed my life, but now your air suspension is fitted - well the sky is the limit.
Your airsuspension kit is brilliant, I can go anywhere now and i know i will be able to get out of my car wherever I park.
Thanks to you and your team...''

Motability customer Mr Steve insch Smith, after having VB-FullAir 4C fitted to his Volkswagen Caravelle WAV.

'' Hello, just to let you know that after a few holidays, the air suspension at the front of our Fiat has performed great with improved, smoother and quieter ride. Many thanks for a fantastic service. I do not mind at all if you use my words on your website. A great company with a great product deserve to put themselves forward.''

Carthago motorhome owner, Mr P. Walmsley, after having VB-FullAir 2C ( front-axle) air-suspension fitted to his
Fiat Ducato X250 Carthago Chic.

'' Well, what a improvement the whole drive is .......... smoother and quieter. We have used the vehicle a few times and used the raise/lower function which is easier than ramps etc. Thanks again for the great product...''

Carthago Motorhome owner, Mr M. Adams, afther having VB-FullAir 2C (front-axle) air-suspension fitted to his Fiat Ducato X250 Carthago Chic.

Victor Benno