VB Airsuspension
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As can be read under Quality, VB-Airsuspension received not only a certificate for VB-Airsuspension as a company, from the German TÜV, but also “type approvals” for each kit type. These declare that the quality of our products have been checked and approved by the TÜV.

VB-Airsuspension also has an approval from the Dutch RDW, that means we have been officially recognized as a vehicle manufacturer.

Car manufacturers
VB-Airsuspension is the first company in Europe to have received an approval/ acknowledgement for its air-suspension systems from DaimlerChrysler AG in Stuttgart, Germany. This means that Mercedes-Benz acknowledge the quality, comfort and handling performance of the VB-Airsuspension system.
Since August 2005 we have also held an approval/ acknowledgement from Volkswagen AG for our products.
From Renault we recently received the 'Agrément Carrossier': the highest acknowledgment achievable from Renault, in terms of quality approval, and further confirmation that VB-Airsuspension is held in the highest regard by the major vehicle manufacturers.

As you can hopefully see, VB-Airsuspension is always on the move; our goal is to be ahead of developments in the field, by continuously improving our product and continuing to innovate as much as possible.

Victor Benno