VB Airsuspension

Car transportation

Car transport

Loading and unloading become child’s play when your car transporter is prepared with full air suspension.

Kneeling suspension
Many present-day cars are long and designed with a low front-end, in order to increase pedestrians' safety. But for vehicle transporters these characteristics create an extra challenge when it comes to loading and unloading these vehicles. By using the VB-FullAir 2-Corner air-suspension, the loading platform can be lowered to the bumpstops. In this position, the run-up angle is significantly reduced, which decreases the chance of damage to spoilers and bumpers when driving onto the ramps.

Stability on the Road
When loaded, the car transporter can get on its way. With the air-suspension fitted, the high center of gravity of the load, the high weight, and any cross-winds are all dealt with far better than with standard steel suspension. The air-suspension helps to keep the vehicle and the steering stable, no matter what the load, thereby increasing the safety of the driver, the passengers and other road-users. 

Mark* Rear axle Front axle Front- an Rear axle
1. VB-FullAir VB-Coilspring  
2. VB-SemiAir    

*( 1= highly recommended , 3= least recommended)

Victor Benno