VB Airsuspension

Animal transportation

Animal transport

Maximum comfort for the transportation of animals

Horse transport

In recent years, much has changed in the transporation of horses. For many years large horseboxes and trailers were a common sight at horse riding events. More often these days, these large trucks and trailers make way for the very compact, lightweight horsebox. Only a small driver’s licence is required for these compact vehicles.

If you buy a horsebox, both your comfort and the comfort of your horses is of great value. Our air-suspension improves the comfort and stability of the vehicle. This is not only a great advantage for you as the driver but also for your horse. The reduced vibration and improved comfort in the will help relax the horse and help prevent injuries.

Many horsebox manufacturers are able to build these compact vehicles to your personal requirements.

To be sure that you have the maximum comfort for you and your horse, make sure you insist on having VB-Airsuspension fitted to your vehicle.

Another advantage of air-suspension is that with the kneeling function, the angle of entry on the loading platform/ramp is reduced. This kneeling function is available for the front and/or the rear axle.


Mark* Rear-axle Front-axle Front- and Rear axle
1. VB-FullAir Coilspring  
2. VB-SemiAir    
3. Coilspring    

*( 1=  highly recommended , 3= least recommended )

Victor Benno