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VB-Airsuspension News Nuggets

Placed on 27/09/2011

VB-Airsuspension News Nuggets

These are self-contained news pieces but please don't hesitate to ask if you would like more information on each story.

AL-KO and VB-Airsuspenson - Perfect Partners With Bold Plans

Market leaders in chassis production and chassis-related accessories for the leisure market, AL-KO Kober have appointed VB-Airsuspension as their air suspension and innovation partner. It was a decision fuelled by "VB-Airsuspension’s innovation power, automotive policy requirements and testing competence." (Achim Sach, Senior Vice President AL-KO Marketing and Sales, Europe)

The new VB-Airsuspension systems for Air Premium X2 and Air Premium X4 illustrate what happens when perfect partners work together - an increase in driver and passenger comfort of 14% and an increase in stability of 15%, over and above AL-KO’s previous suspension set-up, are just two of the many benefits of this collaboration.

"VB-Airsuspension came to us with an exemplary pedigree offering easier fitting, lower installation times and a track record for reliability, thereby eclipsing our previous partner," says Sach. "They are a supply and a development partner.  We have bold but achievable plans to deliver  a range of innovative products to the caravanning and LCV markets over the coming months and years."

Low Cost Coil Springs - No Compromise in Quality

For a growing number of motorhome owners, air suspension is on their wish list; especially after negotiating the many potholes that are now a feature of the U.K.'s roads. However it often stays there because the cost of full air suspension can appear high in relation to the value of their motorhome. Now VB-Airsuspension, Europe's leading provider of high-quality air suspension systems have developed VB-CoilSpring. At under £600 (supplied and fitted) for many motorhome owners, Christmas has come early!  Oliver Drinkwater, VB-Airsuspension UK Managing Director, states, "we are now offering a comprehensive programme of coil- springs for the majority of motorhome models. The VB-CoilSpring programme consists of replacement coil-springs and/or helper coil - springs that work with the existing spring. This product has been exclusively developed in cooperation with one of the largest and most professional coil-spring manufacturers in the world. They work to the highest automotive quality standards. The supply and fit price for VB-CoilSpring means that for hundreds of motorhomers, travelling on the long and winding road will be a much smoother and indeed a safer experience."

 "So Sleek and Subtle You Barely Know It's There." The New VB Semi-Air Control Panel

VB-Airsuspension has launched a new programme of semi-air (VB-SA) suspension systems with the emphasis on the sleekest and most subtle control panels you will have ever seen. Let's face it, no motorhome owner wants their beloved vehicle to be adapted in an unsightly manner with a clutter of trailing wires and air-pipes on show and an agricultural-looking control box mounted as an afterthought, with no ergonomic consideration. The hallmark of the new VB semi air system is the most unobtrusive, easy to operate control panel - it integrates into the dashboard like an old friend. Better still the system comes pre-assembled and pre-tested, for easy ‘plug and play’ installation, ensuring that efficiency and quality are not compromised.

Victor Benno