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Novelties Caravan Salon Düsseldorf

Placed on 22/08/2011


 Caravan Salon 2011, Düsseldorf: VB-Airsuspension is ready to rumble!

 From 28th of August to 4th of September the show is on again when the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf (CSD), world’s largest show for campers, caravans and accessories, opens its doors. VB-Airsuspension will of course take part in this show. You can find VB-Airsuspension in hall 13 booth C03 or at the outside stand FG13-01 (in the corner of halls 13 and 14). 

Next to VB-Airsuspension two partner companies will be exhibiting at the stand, both companies are also highly esteemed in the caravanning business, each of them as a specialist in what they do. Just as VB-Airsuspension, they are top of the bill in their business: E&P Hydraulics ( Europe’s number one manufacturer of hydraulic jacks for campers and caravans) and A. Linnepe GmbH (highly appreciated supplier of chassis extensions, towing-bars and bike- and scooter-racks).  

All these three companies have been working closely together for several years now and are well-known in the European market as “C3” which stands for “competence circle caravanning”.

We are looking forward to your visit at the C3-booth. VB-Airsuspension will show you lots of innovative products facing their world premiere in Düsseldorf. One of the news we want to inform you on:


 VB-Airsuspension is proud to announce the official development and supplying partnership for airspring systems with AL-KO!
Official press releases from AL-KO have already shown the special nature of the new partnership: “With its innovation power, its automotive quality requirements and its testing competence, VB-Airsuspension is an excellent partner for AL-KO, two high-tech partners finding each other at eye level”, quotes Mr. Achim Sach, AL-KO’s Senior Vice President Marketing and Sales, Europe.


Together with VB, AL-KO is about to start a new period. By taking into production the new VB-Airsuspension systems for Air Premium X2 (end Q2-2011) and Air Premium X4 (middle Q3-2011) – both are full air systems, as you probably know – the first step is done.


What is so special about the new products both partners developed together? First of all, there is, compared to the former system, a strongly improved drivability which you can measure: Tests showed an increase of about 14 % in comfort and even 15 % in stability. Higher reliability of the system, easier fitting and lower installation times as well as more flexibility in production changes were some of the reasons why AL-KO’s management decided to work with VB-Airsuspension and stopped to work with the former partner Goldschmitt. Others were the higher technical skills and the flexibility VB-Airsuspension shows. For AL-KO, VB-Airsuspension is not only a supplying partner but a development partner. The partner’s goals are to have a long lasting cooperation bringing up innovative products as a benchmark for the caravanning sector as well as the light commercial vehicle (LCV) market. This dynamic cooperation of two market leaders should make 1+1 become 3.



New program of coil springs (reinforced and comfort) under the name VB-CoilSpring

Beside the well known air suspension systems, VB-Airsuspension can now offer a complete program of coil springs for several campers and base vehicles. This can be comfort a/o reinforcement coil-springs and they are available for both the front a/o rear axle. The VB-CoilSpring (VB-CS) program consists of replacement springs a/o helper-coil springs, that work with the existing spring. In addition to this current range of springs, VB-Airsuspension can develop tailor-made solutions for specific problems.


This VB-CS product has been exclusively developed in cooperation with one of the largest and most professional coil-spring manufacturers in the world, who only work according to the highest Automotive quality standards.



Complete new program of VB-SemiAir (VB-SA) auxiliary air suspension systems

Auxiliary air suspension as a Basickit or as a Comfortkit. Each vehicle type gets the largest possible air-spring fitted, in order to provide maximum comfort. The Basickit is a dual chamber system, with two shrader valves, to allow manual inflation/deflation of the air-springs. The Comfortkit is also a dual chamber system but in this case including 2 gauges, 2 comfort switches, a “heavy duty” compressor  on a specific bracket and a dashboard- or seat- mounted panel for the fitting of the gauges and the comfort switches. The system comes completely pre-assembled and pre–tested to be installed in a “plug-and-play” way. This system conforms to the high quality standards of VB-Airsuspension, is very interestingly priced and is very easy to install.


Ask for the product sheets and the special VB-SA Flyer. Importantly, VB-Airsuspension only uses the highest quality air-springs from European manufacturers, which are produced according to EC environmental production norms. In this way VB-Airsuspension also contributes a little extra towards saving our environment..



Unique comfort improvement for the “4-Corner” air suspension on Iveco Daily

Especially for the “premium” segment campers, VB-Airsuspension has achieved a unique comfort improvement. The majority of the premium campers are currently being built on the Iveco Daily base chassis. VB-Airsuspension has further developed its 4-Corner air suspension systems for the Iveco Daily. The system was already one of the most comfortable air suspension systems in its class, nevertheless the engineering team of VB-Airsuspension did not think this was enough. The team set out to make the system even more comfortable without loss of stability and with improved safety and the results speak for themselves. The bar is now set even higher. Let’s see how long it takes the competition to meet this step forward)


The most advanced simulation programs, industry-leading innovation,development studies and over 18 years of experience in electronically controlled air suspension systems are being used to achieve this.

Behind the scenes, by invitation only, a select number of people will be shown the tip of the iceberg of our latest

development methods. 


Interested? Send an e-mail to r&d@vbairsuspension.com  and mention “next generation”. Only a limited number of invitations are still available. First come, first served !! On the stand the results can be seen by everybody and the differences will be clearly noticeable. This new system will gradually be introduced by several camper manufacturers and commencing Q2-2012 existing vehicles fitted with VB-FullAir 4-Corner air-suspension can be modified through the VB-Partner network. In this way, VB-Airsuspension is not only serving new customers but is also taking care of existing customers and allowing them to benefit from advances in technology.




VB-AATS (Advanced Air Tank System)

An advanced Air Tank System? Normally the air is drained from an air tank to inflate the air-spring when a raising action is required (or when air is needed for an air suspended chair for example). When the air tank becomes empty (or the air pressure gets too low), with the currently available systems on the market, you have to wait until the air tank is re-filled, before the action can be completed.


Not with the new innovative VB-AATS system. Here, with every action, the air-springs are being filled with air from the air-tank and the compressor at the same time, for extra speed. The moment the air-tank becomes empty or the pressure becomes too low and more air is needed, the action will continue because the compressor will automatically stop filling the air tank and only fill the air-springs. The compressor will subsequently re-fill the air-tank during driving. This way, the system avoids the delays found with other systems in having to re-fill the air tank before the air-springs can be filled. Because of all this, an air suspension system equipped with the VB-AATS system not only raises quicker but is also more efficient and ECO-friendly, less noisy, creates less vibration and consumes less power.


Which means more peace and quiet at the campsite, a quicker start to your journey, as well as being more ECO-friendly. AL-KO will be the first to bring this VB-AATS system into series production. At the CSD on the Al-Ko stand Hal 13, C45 the system will be shown and demonstrated on their AMC Air Premium X4 air suspension. The advantages mentioned above speak for themselves, but in AL-KO’s case there were further advantages in that the VB-AASP tailor-made solution for AL-KO can be used in all AMC-chassis, in a position where it does not harm any of the camper manufacturers. The clever design gives more free space for all kinds of accessories within the chassis frame. This VB-AASP will also be available as an option for Air Premium X2 air suspension systems



VB-Airsuspension creates new Suspension Portal for their VB-Partners.

At the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf, the Suspension-Portal will be presented to the VB-Partners. In this digital portal, VB-Partners can find, at the point of launch, over 1500 files about FullAir-, SemiAir-, CoilSpring- and other suspension related parts. VB-Partners will have access to; fitting instructions, user manuals, TÜV- and vehicle

manufacturers-approval (UBB’s and LONO’s), digital diagnostic tools, software updates, optional software programmes, do’s and don’ts, USP’s  and a lot more relevant vehicle, chassis, tyre and suspension information.


With the Suspension Portal, VB-Airsuspension can inform their VB-Partners more quickly, with more information to professionally support them in giving the best service to the end-user. Everything the VB-Partner needs to sell, install and provide after-sales support for can now be found at the VB-Airsuspension “Suspension Portal”.


As you can see the VB-Airsuspension Team have not been sitting still and therefore we kindly invite you to see all for yourselves at our stand the results of all these innovations. The VB-Airsuspension Team will be at the show every day to inform you in detail.



Daily Chill Out, every day from 17:30 to 19:30

To increase the possibility to personally speak to you in a relaxed atmosphere, every day we organize, from 17:30 to 19:30 a Daily Chill Out. After an exciting day we will offer you snacks and refreshing drinks. While enjoying this, we can have a nice talk and brain-storm with you about future new ideas, with the aim of “Making every day smoother”.


We hope to welcome you on one of the days during the show !

For further information you can contact:

            Sander Dusseldorp
Sales Manager VB-Airsuspension Group
T: +31 (0)315 - 25 72 09 | M: +31 (0)6 - 20 01 80 21

            E: sander.dusseldorp@vbairsuspension.com

            Martin Fabisch
Sales Manager VB-Airsuspension, Germany
T: +49 (0)2333 - 9859 20 | M: +49 (0)172 - 57 68 240
E: fabisch@vbairsuspension.de

Michael Brilman
Sales manager VB-Airsuspension, Benelux

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            E: michael.brilman@vbairsuspension.com


Expecting to have informed you we remain.



With kind regards,

VB-Airsuspension B.V.




From experience we can tell you it is worthwhile making an appointment upfront if you can. With this we can organise the time to speak to you.

You can make an appointment with any of our Team, through our colleague Miss Kim Lapcevic-Nijenhuis: 
Tel. +31 315 241075 - E-Mail: info@vbairsuspension.com


Obviously spontaneous visits are more than welcome.



Only for press: If desired, images and further information will be made available from the start of the CSD show.


Victor Benno