VB Airsuspension

Vehicle Dynamics Expo

Placed on 17/05/2011

The exhibition is just started, and VB-Airsuspension has been receiving already lot of positive reactions on their new stand. The stand is completely build in the new corporate identity, which VB-Airsuspension are willing to present consequently to the public. VB-Airsuspension is presenting on the Vehicle Dynamics the VB-eRRide and de VB-ASCM.

It’s important for VB-Airsuspension to pay attention to their development partners and the vehicle manufacturers where they work for. The development partners are playing a big role by providing VB-Airsuspension with the necessary materials. VB-Airsuspension also wants to show all their applications for the different vehicle manufacturers. By doing this we can offer for many people a tailor made application to their vehicle.


Victor Benno