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Placed on 02/08/2022

August has just started, the summer season is here and people are getting away for a well-earned break – the signs are everywhere! Driving to your holiday destination, you are sure to encounter a fair number of motorhomes out on the roads and motorways.

If you regularly go away in your motorhome, one of the things you may have had to contend on your trip are strong crosswinds and instability. Less than ideal weather conditions during your trip? You will often notice issues when overtaking buses or lorries at speed, when driving over bridges or emerging from tunnels. This can be hazardous for both your motorhome and the occupants. These are just a few of the suspension and related problems motorhome owners regularly report experiencing.

Our (air) suspension systems ensure that your motorhome remains stable, easily manoeuvrable and at a constant ride height under all conditions. Our systems mean your motorhome is less sensitive to crosswinds and unevenness in the road surface. Your motorhome will also lean less when cornering and respond effectively during sudden evasive and braking manoeuvres – even if the load distribution in the vehicle is uneven.

Enjoy a worry-free journey every time with VB-Airsuspension products
Our product range includes a number of intelligent air suspension systems and suspension applications that filter out unevenness in the road surface – to help your motorhome glide smoothly over bumpy roads and let you effortlessly swerve to avoid obstacles. The systems prevent off-centre level and sagging in your suspension, increasing your ride comfort. Not only that, braking distances are shorter and crosswind sensitivity is reduced. Our (air) suspension systems and suspension applications enhance safety, minimise vibrations in your motorhome's chassis and ensure a smooth, pleasant journey.

Caravan Salon Düsseldorf | 2022
Want to know more about the above and other suspension-related matters? VB-Airsuspension will be at Caravan Salon Düsseldorf due to take place from 26 August to 4 September 2022. Please come along and see us at one of our stands, where we can tell you more about our products and what they do. A member of our team will be happy to assist you – hoping to see you soon!

Victor Benno