VB Airsuspension


Placed on 12/07/2022

VBA’s international summer sales meeting took place at the end of June (20 to 25 June 2022) around Würzburg in Germany. This was a valuable opportunity for our subsidiaries, the Board, the Area Sales Managers, the Marketing & Communication department and the Product Management department to meet and hold some productive discussions. A unique programme was put together for this week, which consisted of multi-day strategy sessions and two company visits.

Strategy sessions
A number of presentations were held over two days. We spent time discussing our figures and the strategic direction of VB-Airsuspension for the coming years, the challenges we are currently facing, and how – by working together – we can make the 'next level in vehicle dynamics' more of a reality.

Company visits
During the week, the attendees had the opportunity to visit the Morelo factory. The entire VBA team was treated to a fascinating tour of the factory, which shed light on the production process for a Morelo motorhome. The schedule also included a visit (with another guided tour) to our motorhome dealer Carsten Stäbler. Visits like this are invaluable, as the experience can be used to inform our meetings and conversations within our own network. This also constituted a prime opportunity to talk about where VBA could further adapt its products and services to serve the market even more effectively.

In addition to presentations, strategy sessions and company visits, there was time in the schedule for relaxation – we ended each day by letting our hair down over a meal and a drink or two. It was a very interesting week with ample interaction between the attendees, which enabled us to achieve a great deal together. The feedback received was clear: personal encounters are what attendees benefit from most – whether in the context of business meetings or visits to customers. 

Victor Benno