VB Airsuspension


Placed on 09/06/2022

Two weeks ago we were at our stand at Busworld Turkey in Istanbul. VB-Airsuspension has had a presence at Busworld trade fairs for many years now. Busworld Brussels, run by the same organisation, is the event most people will know.

New image materials
At the stand, we showed a 'render' of our VB-FullAir 2C fitted to a 5-ton Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. You may not have been in Istanbul, but were you in Fulda for RETTmobil? We presented a similar render there, this time showing an ambulance.

How to show our products to trade fair visitors and others is an issue we have grappled with over the years: for visitors to see our products, the vehicle would have to be on a platform or the viewer would have to lie on the ground. What about seeing our product actually working? The problem then is the vehicle won't look any different 'from the outside'! That’s why we enable visitors to see our product using 'renders'. A render is a type of digital photograph where we make our product visible by making the vehicle 'invisible'. The feedback we have received is that if the vehicle is not fully visible, it's not clear exactly where the product is on the vehicle. To address this, we recently introduced new renders where you look 'through the vehicle', as it were. We'd love to get your opinion – does this show our product in its best light?

Victor Benno