VB Airsuspension


Placed on 02/02/2022

We have recently been working to make some changes to and update our Suspension Portal. We are proud to announce that the portal is now live.

The Suspension Portal is a place where our VB-Partners can find all the relevant information they need from VB-Airsuspension. This includes, for example, fitting instructions, brochures, user manuals and approval documentation.

New features in the Suspension Portal
VB-Partners who currently use the Suspension Portal will notice various changes intended to improve ease of use.

Setting preferred language
You can now set a preferred language in your account. When you search for a document in the portal, the list will show documents in your preferred language first. If the document is not available in your language, the English language version will be shown. You can always use the 'View more' option to see the file in a different language and then download it.

Product Downloads
Under the new 'Product Downloads' option, you will find all the relevant documentation that comes with your kit. The filters make it easy to find the right kit and associated documents. You can also enter the item number in the search bar to find the configuration you need along with the relevant documentation.

General Downloads
All documentation that is not directly linked to a kit can be accessed using the new 'General Downloads' option. The filters make it easy to find the documents you need. You can also use the search bar above the filter options to search for the relevant documentation.

All these features make it much easier for you as the user to find the right documentation.

Logging in to the new Suspension Portal
The Suspension Portal is intended for VB-Partners and can only be accessed by entering your user name and password. You can log in using the following link: portal.vbairsuspension.com

Your VB-Airsuspension contact will then grant you access rights, after which you will be able to use the Suspension Portal.

Victor Benno