VB Airsuspension


Placed on 11/01/2022

Why should you always use original VB-Airsuspension parts? All our suspension systems are developed and assembled by an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and ever-growing team in Varsseveld, the Netherlands. All the components that go to make up the (air) suspension system are perfectly attuned to one another. This way, we can be sure the end product we supply precisely matches the needs and requirements of the user. Using original VB-Airsuspension parts will ensure that your system performs at its best.

Full air suspension
If you opt for full air suspension (VB-FullAir), the existing leaf or coil spring suspension will be replaced by a full air suspension system. A full air suspension system consists of air springs, shock absorbers, main springs, a compressor and our electronic control unit: the VB-ASCU. All these components are perfectly attuned to one another, all in the service of greater comfort, better stability and improved driving characteristics.

Did you know that we use our own shock absorbers (developed in-house) in most of our kits? Our own shock absorbers help your new (air) suspension system perform at its best. There may be occasions (e.g. during repair work or inspection) where it becomes apparent that the shock absorbers need to be replaced. If the kit came with our own shock absorbers, it is very important that replacement shock absorbers from VB-Airsuspension should be used. Our full air suspension system has been specifically developed for our shock absorbers to work 'in harmony' with our air suspension. If different replacement shock absorbers are used, they will not be able to work 'in harmony' with the air suspension. This can be due to differing dimensions and may lead to the system no longer performing at its best. In some cases, non-original shock absorbers can even result in damage to the system.

Last but not least, what's the situation in terms of servicing our (original) parts? Even though our (air) suspension systems are in principle maintenance-free, we advise carrying out or arranging for a visual and functional inspection once a year. We recommend consulting a VB-Partner to this end – they have many years of experience in fitting and maintaining our suspension and air suspension systems and will be able to give you appropriate, individual advice. Want to find a VB-Partner in your region? Check out our list of partners here.

Victor Benno