VB Airsuspension


Placed on 03/03/2021

To be able to install our full air suspension systems (VB-FullAir), our VB-Partners must have taken a training course at VB-Airsuspension. Upon completion of this course, our VB-Partners will be fully trained in all aspects of our full air suspension systems. On successfully passing the training course, the technician receives a certificate and is then authorised to fit our systems on vehicles.

Here at VB-Airsuspension, we set great store by these training courses and their successful completion. Through a combination of training and our detailed fitting instructions, we can ensure that the entire air suspension system is fitted in accordance with the relevant regulatory requirements and the vehicle is safe to go back out on the road.

VB-Partners do not have to attend training for our other products, such semi air suspension (VB-SemiAir) and coil springs (VB-CoilSpring). A detailed manual provides all the information needed, making it easy for any garage to fit our systems on a vehicle.

Want to know more about one of our products? Please feel free to get in touch with a VB-Partner in your area.


Victor Benno