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Placed on 26/03/2020

The Technical Documentation department at VB-Airsuspension is responsible for more or less all technical documentation supplied as standard with all (air) suspension systems. The technical documentation will usually include a description of the technical product or process. The department is responsible for the following:

  • Fitting instructions. These provide the fitter with instructions on how to fit the relevant kit. Until a couple of years ago, all fitting instructions (VB-CS, VB-SA and VB-FA) were available in the old style. Manuals in the old style had the different languages, with the written instructions on the left-hand side and pictures of the situations on the right-hand side. We have gradually been moving over to text-free manuals, in which the fitting steps are shown using images and symbols. This new style of manual helps save on translation, ink and paper costs, because only one set of fitting instructions has to be sent out with each kit.
  • Parts catalogue. This is a parts list with exploded views of all full air suspension systems that VB-Airsuspension sells and has sold in the past. The parts list makes it easy to order spare parts.
  • Homologation documentation. This is drawn up in conjunction with WDT-Services. These are approvals that ensure a vehicle is legally permitted to drive on the public highway.

Other technical documentation the department produces:

  • Technical specification sheets. These are intended for buyers who are seeking vehicle-specific information about different ride heights, weights and raising and lowering times, etc.
  • Technical bulletins. These are used to communicate minor technical changes internally and externally.
  • Sales bulletins. These are used to explain a complex technical matter in a somewhat simpler, clearer way. For some vehicles, the only thing you need to do is choose the right kit; in this type of situation we use sales bulletins that help the user to choose the right one.
  • Engineering construction manual. These document existing design guidelines and standards, enabling the Engineering department to develop new (air) suspension systems better, faster and more consistently.

Get to know our Technical Documentation department

(from left to right) Ronald Booms, Peter Klein Gunnewiek and Erwin Eijsink.

Ronald Booms
Role: technical documentation engineer

Ronald started working for X-Traxx in 2017. Relatively soon afterwards, he started working on documentation for VB-Airsuspension. Ronald has a background in DTP and initially worked on the old style fitting instructions. He is currently fully occupied working on the text-free fitting instructions. The VB-SemiAir and VB-CoilSpring fitting instructions were the first to be moved over to the new style, and he is currently working on the VB-FullAir fitting instructions.

Peter Klein Gunnewiek
Role: technical documentation engineer

Peter has worked for VB-Airsuspension since 2015. He started in the Marketing department, then had a spell working for both the Marketing and Engineering departments. Since 2020, he has moved over full time to the Technical Documentation department. Peter is responsible for the text-free OPS fitting instructions. He is currently occupied with making minor changes to the fitting instructions in order to be able to prepare the complete fitting instructions on time. Peter also manages the TÜV documentation and ensures all documentation is linked in AX (for printing) and is made available online on the VB portal.

Erwin Eijsink
Role: team leader and technical documentation engineer

Erwin has a twin role in Technical Documentation, that of team leader and technical documentation engineer. He guides Peter and Ronald and plans their tasks. Given his technical background, he took on the task of updating the construction manual and the Parts Catalogue.

There are also areas where their work overlaps, with tasks that they all perform. They can include making minor changes to fitting instructions and drawing up technical specification sheets, technical bulletins and sales bulletins.

Victor Benno