VB Airsuspension


Placed on 30/09/2019

Due to the growth of recent years, VB-Airsuspension has outgrown its current premises at Frankenweg 3 in Varsseveld. We therefore bought a plot of 0.8 hectares opposite our current head office at the end of last year. The plot is located at the Hofskamp-Oost industrial estate in Varsseveld. A few months later, we commenced preparations for the construction of our new building. The excavation work on the plot has now been completed and the preliminary work for the foundations is now under way. The next step is to lay the foundations!

We expect to be able to move into the new premises mid-2020. This new building will be used to assemble and store products and to ship them to customers all over the world.

Some facts about the expansion:

  • Doubling of our company premises
  • Size of new premises: 4,800 m2
  • Our own test track
  • The Operations, Logistics and Quality departments will be relocated to the new building.
  • The other departments will remain in the current building.

The construction of the building will be recorded on camera. Below you can see how the ground is being prepared.

Victor Benno