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Placed on 18/07/2018

The Sales Engineering department
The Sales Engineering department at VB-Airsuspension is involved with the development of customer-specific projects and modifications. For example, a modification may be desirable for several vehicles with existing air suspension systems or air suspension may be desirable for a vehicle for which we do not yet have a standard kit. In both cases, the Sales Engineering department will work on these modifications and developments.

To be able to fit our full air suspension systems, our dealers and partners must have been trained by VB-Airsuspension. The Sales Engineering department provides the training, both at our head office in Varsseveld and at the dealer's or partner's premises – wherever they are in the world. If the dealer or partner has further questions or problems relating to a kit or fitting after having completed the training course, the Sales Engineering department may well be the ones to deal with this.

The department also does preparatory work on projects for the Engineering department. They research the set-up guidelines for each manufacturer to check whether it is technically feasible to fit air suspension to the vehicle.

The Product Management department
The Product Management department identifies future functional wishes and requirements in the market for ‘Suspension Technology’ and translates these into (innovative) product specifications with the right price-quality ratio. The Product Management department takes products from the initial concept through to the end-of-life phase and gives commercial product presentations. They manage the interchange between the technical side and the commercial side.

The Product Management department also provides support to the Sales and After Sales & Service departments and subsidiaries on technical questions, and – where required – they make changes to the documentation, to make ordering the right product easier.

Get to know our Sales Engineering and Product Management departments

(from left to right) Joep Peters, Erik Brus and Maarten Roelofs

Joep Peters
Role: Application Engineer

Joep acts as a contact for customers who are experiencing problems with installation or who have questions about our kits or parts. He is also involved in initial preparatory work for projects in the Engineering department and – together with Maarten – he works on customer-specific projects and modifications. When Maarten is fully booked up, Joep will also step in to run training sessions.

Maarten Roelofs
Role: Application Engineer

Part of Maarten's role is to run training sessions and to maintain and update the training materials. Maarten works on videos, checklists and the academy website to help ensure customers always have the right information available to resolve any problems. Like Joep, he also acts as a contact for customers who have questions about kits and parts or their installation and he works on customer-specific projects and modifications.

Erik Brus
Role: Product Manager

As Product Manager, Erik is the interface between the Sales department and the Engineering department. Erik seeks to translate developments in the market and requests received by the Sales department into projects that result in products. He also provides the Sales department and subsidiaries with product information (what should be ordered/supplied when) and creates commercial presentations showing the latest technologies and products.

Finally, he provides the Sales and After Sales departments with support in answering and providing background information relating to technical and sales questions.

Victor Benno