VB Airsuspension


Placed on 21/03/2018

It's easy to work out from our company name that we develop and sell air suspension systems –the suspension in Airsuspension is even in italics in our logo. When we changed the name of our company in 2006, we were looking to the future of the business and our current range of suspension applications.

But, did you know that we also make shock absorbers and reinforced replacement and helper springs? Air suspension is the recommended solution for many problems, for example if you need to be able to lower the vehicle or variable loads are being carried, but in certain situations a reinforced replacement or helper spring can provide the perfect solution.

A reinforced replacement spring and/or helper spring, even a VB-CoilSpring, helps and strengthens the existing suspension on the vehicle. The VB-CoilSpring returns the vehicle to its original ride-height, which improves the driving characteristics of the vehicle. The VB-CoilSpring is a good option for vehicles that are always heavily laden.

Some examples of vehicles on which the VB-CoilSpring is often used are:

Service vehicles
You know them well; service vehicles that are filled to the brim with parts because the driver never knows which tools or parts will be needed for the next job. These service vehicles are often so heavily laden that they start to sag. This leads to unstable, uncomfortable and sometimes even unsafe handling. Over time the chassis will also be damaged. By fitting the VB-CoilSpring, the vehicle is returned to its original ride-height and will feel much more stable, and drive much more comfortably and safely.

The weight of the motorhome superstructure on the chassis of a Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer or Citroën Jumper means many motorhomes have a high centre of gravity. The standard suspension systems on these chassis are not completely up to the job of carrying a heavy motorhome so the suspension a great deal to contend with. For this reason, modifying the suspension system of your motorhome is highly recommended.

We offer reinforced replacement and helper springs especially designed for both the front and rear axles of motorhomes. As with service vehicles, motorhomes are returned to their original ride-height once these springs have been fitted. Our (suspension) applications help to improve the driving characteristics of your motorhome so that you have a pleasant and safe journey.

Does the above sound like you of your vehicle(s) or motorhome? Then our VB-CoilSpring could be the perfect solution for you. For further information get in touch with one of our VB-Partners.

Victor Benno