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Introducing: the Purchasing department at VB-Airsuspension

Placed on 27/06/2017

Previously we have always introduced one colleague in each newsletter. This time we are doing things differently and telling you more about the colleagues in one department at VB-Airsuspension. In this issue: the Purchasing department.

The Purchasing department at VB-Airsuspension is responsible for buying in all the goods and services that are used to develop and manufacture our air suspension systems and suspension modifications. These goods and services include semi-finished products, ICT and software systems and outsourcing.

One of the key areas is supplier management; staff in the Purchasing department try to make the relationship with VB suppliers as smooth as possible. The Purchasing department also buys in goods and services according to the 6R principle: ensuring that the right goods of the right quality are in the right place at the right time at the right price and in the right quantities.

Meet the Purchasing department

Back row (left to right) Alex Boekhoudt - Herbert kuenen Front row (left to right) Thomas Frenken, Ron van Galen, Frank van Mierlo, Mike Fleskens

The purchasing process is subdivided into strategic, tactical and operational purchasing. What are the responsibilities within the department?

Mike Fleskens
Role: Head of Purchasing
Mike leads the Purchasing department. All purchasing matters of an organisational and logistical nature are discussed with Mike. He also manages the Logistics department within VB-Airsuspension.

Ron van Galen
Role: Strategic Purchaser
Ron purchases products for our main springs, CoilSprings, air springs, compressors and wiring harnesses. He is also responsible for OEM projects, legal matters, automotive (purchasing) contracts, facilities purchasing and contract management.

Thomas Frenken
Role: Strategic Purchaser
Thomas is the first point of contact for many of our suppliers of metals and parts for OEMs during the after-sales period. He is also responsible for purchasing products for our suspension struts, dampers and air tanks. In addition, he is automating our AX purchasing software, manages the two-bin system and supports Frank in his work.

Frank van Mierlo
Role: Tactical Purchaser
Frank is responsible for informing our suppliers of technical changes. He also processes requests from the Engineering department for prototype parts and sets up the environment in AX for these prototype parts for use in series production. On top of this, he is also an internal auditor for quality. Finally, he supports Thomas where necessary.

Alex Boekhoudt
Role: Planner
Alex's main area of responsibility is planning and reviewing ongoing purchase orders and issuing outsourcing orders. He supports the purchasers on various tasks and deputises for Herbert (ordering assistant) in his absence.

Herbert Kuenen
Role: Ordering Assistant
Herbert is responsible for the following tasks within VB-Airsuspension: daily order placement based on Material Requirements Planning (MRP), processing order confirmations and supporting the planner and purchasers.

Victor Benno