VB Airsuspension

Holiday period at VB-Airsuspension

Placed on 27/06/2017

VB-Airsuspension will operate with reduced staffing levels during weeks 31 and 32. As a result, the delivery times for kits and parts will be longer. Here are the details:

  • Orders for VB-FullAir and VB-NivoAir which are ordered by week 28 inclusive will be delivered in week 30.
  • VB-FullAir and VB-NivoAir kits which are ordered in weeks 29 to 32 inclusive will be delivered from week 33 (depending on order date and size).
  • Orders for VB-SemiAir, VB-CoilSpring and spare parts will, as far as possible, be delivered as usual except in week 31. Due to the minimum staffing levels, only essential spare parts will be dispatched during this week.

If you expect to need kits and/or parts during the forthcoming period, please make sure that you order them as soon as possible.

Of course we will still be available as normal on the usual telephone number. During this period we will be able to offer technical support in emergencies and accept urgent orders.

Thank you for your understanding.

The VB-Airsuspension team wishes you a wonderful summer holiday!

Victor Benno