VB Airsuspension

VB-Airsuspension seeks out the freezing temperatures of Lapland

Placed on 28/02/2017

Air suspension systems from VB-Airsuspension are used throughout the world, which means they have to contend with a whole range of road and climate conditions. For this reason, the systems are tested under the most extreme of conditions wherever possible. In February, this resulted in a visit to Lapland.

VB-Airsuspension was in Lapland with three different types of vehicles: a pick-up, a luxury van and a large motorhome. It is commonly assumed that these vehicles would be used under more favourable climatic conditions, but nothing could be further from the truth. These types of vehicle are still widely used in winter and, for this reason, it is important they are also tested in conditions of extreme cold.

After being pushed to the limit during the extreme heat of the Dakar and after testing in Lapland in conditions well below zero, VB-Airsuspension can proudly say that its air suspension systems can cope with all weather conditions!

The test in Lapland also produced some stunning video clips, and you'll get a video report of this extreme test in the next newsletter.

Victor Benno