VB Airsuspension

Technical tip: always use VB-Airsuspension original parts

Placed on 28/02/2017

Suspension systems from VB-Airsuspension are developed in Varsseveld by a team of enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable engineers. All parts of the (air) suspension systems are perfectly matched to produce the ideal end product. To get the best from the system, it is very important to use original parts from VB-Airsuspension.

Full air suspension systems (VB-FullAir) from VB-Airsuspension replace the existing leaf or coil spring suspension on the vehicle. The system includes bellows, shock absorbers, main springs, a compressor and an electronic control unit (VB-ASCU). All these parts are designed to work together to provide greater comfort, better stability and improved vehicle behaviour.

Shock absorbers
Most people are not aware that, for the most part, VB-Airsuspension uses its own shock absorbers. These shock absorbers also enhance the benefits of the air suspension system.

If it is found during repairs or an inspection that the shock absorbers need replacing, it is very important that replacement shock absorbers from VB-Airsuspension are used (if supplied in the kit). These shock absorbers are designed to “work with” the air suspension. Other replacement shock absorbers do not have these characteristics (partly due to having different dimensions) and may result in the (air) suspension system not delivering optimum performance. In some cases, these shock absorbers may even result in damage to the air suspension system.

We informed you in our previous newsletter about several batches of imitation VB-Airsuspension bellows being offered on the market. These bellows do not come up to the standard of original VB-Airsuspension bellows in terms of quality and operation. Imitation bellows could cause technical problems and ultimately result in damage to your vehicle. Click on the link below to read the article in full: Imitation VB-Airsuspension bellows

To be sure that your VB-Airsuspension products continue to function correctly, always use original parts to carry out repairs.

Victor Benno