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VB-Airsuspension takes part in Dakar 2017

Placed on 20/12/2016

The Dakar Rally 2017 is scheduled to start from Asunción, Paraguay on 2nd January. Various teams from the Netherlands are taking part once again, including Van Velsen Rallysport, Smink Rallysport and the Tilburg Truck Parts team. VB-Airsuspension is sponsoring these teams during the Dakar, both financially and with products. 

The Dakar rally has been recognised as the toughest rally for man and machine for many years. As the event attracts a great deal of media attention, the rally is an excellent way for a company to raise its profile. For VB-Airsuspension this is not just about having a logo displayed on different vehicles; it is also about the suspension systems, which will be pushed to their limits once again at this event.

Competition trucks
Van Velsen Rallysport and Smink Rallysport are driving Ginaf trucks fitted with a VB-FullAir 4C system (full air suspension on the front and rear axle). These systems were installed in the trucks in previous years and are still performing at their best to this day.

A few weeks prior to boarding the vehicles in Le Havre, Jos Smink and Aad van Velsen subjected the air suspension to one final test. The systems are equipped with the latest software and the air suspension and shock absorbers were perfectly co-ordinated with the help of a test course. Both Jos and Aad were able to drive the vehicles faster and with more confidence.

The air suspension makes the vehicle more stable, allowing it to be driven at higher speeds. Furthermore, the system offers greater comfort and no longer cuts out, with the advantage that the team arrives at the bivouac less tired and with more energy for the rest of the race.

Service vehicle
The Tilburg Truck Parts team has a VB-SemiAir system (semi air suspension) system installed in its Mercedes-Benz Sprinter service vehicle. The air suspension system ensures that the vehicle stands horizontally (irrespective of the load) and that the mechanics travel comfortably from bivouac to bivouac.

Press teams
In addition to the competition trucks and service vehicles, VB-Airsuspension also sponsors several press teams,
including RallyManiacs, CondorMedia and We4Dakar, whose vehicles are fitted with VB-Airsuspension systems. These press teams make it possible for Dakar fans to enjoy the event at home with stunning photographs, videos and reports.

Ginaf Rally Service team manager
Dakar fan and VB-Airsuspension CEO Iginio Voorhorst also faces a new challenge during the Dakar 2017: he is now the Team Manager at Ginaf Rally Service. The service team is responsible for the maintenance of the trucks for the Smink Rally Team, Van Velsen Rallysport and the Rainbow Truck Team.

For live news and updates on VB-Airsuspension and the teams during the Dakar, visit the special Dakar website at www.vbgoesdakar.com

VB-Airsuspension would like to wish the teams every success in the Dakar!

Victor Benno