VB Airsuspension

Warning: imitation VB-Airsuspension bellows in circulation

Placed on 27/09/2016

It is disappointing to report that imitation bellows are being offered for our products by several participants in the market. These do not come up to the standard of original VB-Airsuspension bellows in terms of quality and operation.

Imitation bellows could cause technical problems and consequential damage. The quality of these bellows often leaves a lot to be desired as they usually use lower quality materials that are not suitable for our products. These imitation products have not been approved by our quality department.

How can I know if I've got original VB bellows?
Original VB-FullAir bellows can be identified from our logo and the item number. Only bellows supplied and recommended by VB-Airsuspension are approved and suitable for our products. The same goes for VB-SemiAir bellows (semi air suspension). If the product does not meet these requirements, you have not got an original VB product. If you are unsure, contact your nearest VB-Partner.

Liability disclaimer
VB-Airsuspension does not accept liability for problems or faults caused by using a different make of bellows, including imitations.

We value your confidence in original VB products!

Victor Benno