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VB-ActiveAir: the latest product from VB-Airsuspension

Placed on 27/09/2016

In VB-ActiveAir we are introducing a new product in our range. VB-ActiveAir is an intelligent suspension and shock absorber system, in which both chassis elements are linked together and adjust to the condition of the road surface and the load in real time. VB-ActiveAir is a combination of VB-FullAir 4C air suspension with the active VB-DynActive shock absorber system that responds to unevenness in the road surface, cross winds, bends and braking manoeuvres in milliseconds.

If you are travelling hundreds of kilometres at a time in your motorhome, maximum ride comfort is an essential. This is problematic with a traditional chassis since springs and shock absorbers are just as rigid whether you're driving straight ahead without a load or performing an evasive manoeuvre at high speed when fully loaded with luggage. VB-ActiveAir can adjust the shock absorbers from minimum damping force to maximum damping force in just 6 milliseconds. Not only does this mean that VB-ActiveAir gives a more comfortable ride, but better handling too. One moment you're gliding smoothly over an uneven road surface and the next you're effortlessly swerving to avoid an obstacle.

Impressive manoeuvres
Motorhomes are not necessarily built to negotiate windy routes, making the smooth, secure way a motorhome with VB-ActiveAir negotiates a slalom track all the more impressive. The system's sophisticated sensors immediately recognise when the vehicle is leaning in a left to right bend say, and the shock absorbers will respond within 6 milliseconds to increase the damping force of the compression phase on the right-hand side and the extension phase on the left-hand side. This means the right-hand shock absorber will compress less and the left-hand shock absorber will extend less and so adapt to the bend, thus enhancing the driving experience. 

Available in the fourth quarter of 2016
Morelo will exclusively offer VB-ActiveAir for its motorhomes for one year, thereafter all manufacturers will be able to offer the shock absorbers including sensors and control unit. The system can also be fitted to existing Iveco Daily motorhomes with 3rd generation VB-FullAir 4C air suspension. Fitting is available through VB-Partners and Fahrzeugbau Meier based in Altdorf in Germany. VB-Airsuspension plans to offer VB-ActiveAir for air suspension on Ducato AL-KO vehicles. Thereafter, it will become available for other types of lightweight commercial vehicles.

See the VB-ActiveAir video here.

Victor Benno