VB Airsuspension

VB-Airsuspension qualifies as ‘Opel Certified Converter’

Placed on 20/07/2015

Opel Commercial Vehicles places a great deal of emphasis on customisation options and offering a wide choice of mobility solutions. Thus, the Opel Movano is now available with a state-of-the-art suspension system from VB-Airsuspension. VB-Airsuspension has been officially awarded ‘Opel Certified Converter’ status. This means the products meet the stringent quality standards applied by Opel Commercial Vehicles.

(f.l.t.r Daan Koppert , Opel Iginio Voorhorst, VB-Airsuspension en Michael Brilman, VB-Airsuspension)

The (air) suspension systems offer a host of benefits and a solution to common problems experienced on a daily basis by many of those who drive a commercial vehicle as part of their work. VB-Airsuspension specialises in chassis for lightweight commercial vehicles and supplies suspension systems for a range of applications.

VB-CoilSpring – helper or replacement springs

The VB-CoilSpring system for the Opel Movano has been specifically developed for vehicles that continually operate under a heavy or full load. This innovative system improves the ride-height and provides for additional spring force, increasing the stability and safety of the vehicle.

VB-SemiAir – semi air suspension

The Opel Movano is also available with VB-SemiAir semi air suspension. This allows the driver to define the spring response and the ride-height of the Opel Movano. As well as improving the stability of the vehicle, VB-SemiAir semi air suspension is ideal for distribution applications with changing loads. The driver can set the height to make it easier to load and unload, while tilting caused by uneven loads can be corrected.

VB-FullAir – full air suspension

The advanced VB-FullAir full air suspension replaces the entire suspension system on the front and/or rear axle of the Opel Movano. The electronically controlled air suspension constantly checks and corrects the ride-height, taking into account the vehicle load and centre of gravity. If the weight is unevenly distributed the air suspension will automatically compensate for this. A further key feature of VB-FullAir full air suspension is the ability to smooth out any unevenness in the road surface and significantly increase ride comfort. This makes it ideal for comfortable passenger transport and transporting expensive, fragile goods.

VB-Airsuspension is unique in many ways, as a leading company that develops, innovates and applies only the latest technological developments. This is one of the reasons VB-Airsuspension has been awarded the official status ‘vehicle manufacturer’ by the Dutch vehicle licensing authority. Now VB-Airsuspension has been included in the demanding Opel Certified Conversions quality programme its clients can be further assured of the best quality product.

Victor Benno