VB Airsuspension

Holiday period 2015 at VB-Airsuspension

Placed on 18/06/2015


Due to the annual holiday there will be limited capacity within VB-Airsuspension during weeks 31 and 32. Of course we would like to help you as much as we can but, because of our limited capacity, we have set down some basic rules, so that you know where you are upto with orders:

  1. Orders placed for VB-FullAir and VB-NivoAir sets, upto and including week 28 will be sent out in weeks 30 and 31. 
    (depending on the amount of sets ordered)

  2. VB-FullAir and VB-NivoAir sets ordered in weeks 30-31-32 will be delivered from week 34.
    (depending on order date and order volume)

  3. Orders of VB-SemiAir , VB-Coilspring and spare-parts will be, as far as possible, sent out regularly with the
    exception of week 32. Because of limited capacity, we can only send out VOR spare-parts.

For technical support and urgent orders there will be a limited capacity presented in the above weeks, so please plan

We hope for your understanding!

The team at VB-Airsuspension wish you a happy holiday!

Victor Benno