VB Airsuspension

Technical tip – front/rear button

Placed on 28/05/2015

VB-FullAir systems have various control options. With VB-FullAir systems, when the vehicle is stationary you can manually adjust the height of the axle air suspension using the hand-held terminal or additional switch. In addition to the standard ride-height, VB-FullAir 3C and VB-FullAir 4C systems have pre-programmed driving positions for all circumstances.

The front/rear button is extremely important for operating the VB-FullAir systems.

When manually adjusting the height of the axle air suspension, you can select the desired axle using the front/rear button. If the standard ride-height has been adjusted (for example by selecting a pre-programmed driving position or manually changing the height of the axle air suspension), you can select the standard ride-height again by pressing the front/rear button.
The VB-FullAir system then automatically returns to the calibrated ride-height.


If you have manually adjusted the height of the axle air suspension or if you wish to continue driving after driving in the pre-programmed driving position, you must press the front/rear button to return to the standard driving position. If you continue driving without pressing the front/rear button, it will take much longer for the VB-FullAir system to return to the ride-height. This can lead to undesirable driving characteristics and in some cases even damage to the VB-FullAir system or vehicle chassis.

You should only press the front/rear button when the vehicle is stationary. When the VB-FullAir system is determining the ride-height, this is indicated by a flashing up or down arrow on the hand-held terminal. When the flashing stops, the VB-FullAir system has set the ride-height and you can drive the vehicle again.

Victor Benno