VB Airsuspension

first VB-Dealer training day at VB-Airsuspension France S.A.R.L.

Placed on 21/11/2014

20th November was the first VB-Dealer training day in VB-FR.

Through the training at VB-Airsuspension France all the VB-Airsuspension Dealers have there know lodge about the existing and new products up to date and there are ready to promote the VB-Airsuspension products in to the market.

The VB-Airsuspension Dealers didn’t leave with empty hands. Pascal Eudier offered them some materials to promote the VB-Airsuspension products. They have got their own banner, some models to show the products in their show room and on trade fairs and they have got some product sheets and brochures.

Pascal EUDIER want to thank the VB-Dealers who came and visit them to learn more about the VB-Airsuspension products and brand.

from Left to right Stéphane BOUQUET - AUTOSERVI PLUS (17),Gaylord MANACH - ATS BOSCH (29),Nelly COLLET - VB-FR,Clément MARANDIN - MARANDIN (59),Arnaud MARANDIN - MARANDIN (59),Pascal EUDIER - VB-FR,Eric SPANGARO - GS AUTOLOISIRS (54),Michel BARATA - SOLDAN (31),Willy TISON - GGE CROIX DE BRETAGNE (35),Yann CHEVEE - ECI (27)

Victor Benno