VB Airsuspension

Technical advice - Have your vehicle details to hand for a quick response to your enquiry

Placed on 18/09/2014

As most of you know, sales and installation of our suspension systems takes place through our VB partner network.
To make requesting a suspension system from our VB-Partners simpler, it is helpful to have the technical specifications of your vehicle to hand. Your VB-Partner will then be able to identify the right kit and wasted time searching for the relevant details on vehicle type, etc. can be avoided.

 Key information required to identify the correct kit for your vehicle:

- What is the main thing you want to achieve with your suspension system (raising, lowering, comfort, stability, etc.)
- The vehicle make
- The vehicle type
- The year of manufacture
- The chassis number
- The maximum permissible weight (GVW)
- In some cases the axle load may also be relevant (if you have these details, please also include them)
- Please state the type of chassis for motorhomes (AL-KO chassis or non AL-KO chassis)

If you are able to provide the above information, the process of requesting a new suspension system will be that bit easier.
In the unlikely event that you have a problem with your air suspension system you will need to arrange for your system to be checked/repaired. 
It is helpful when making an appointment, to have the following information to hand:

-Type of suspension system (VB-CoilSpring, VB-SemiAir, VB-FullAir, etc.)
-The chassis number
-The VB-ID number (only relevant for VB-FullAir: 14-digit number on the B-pillar on the co-driver's side, on the compressor and in the user manual)
- Kit number (see user manual)

Your VB-Partner will then use this information to ensure the right parts are ordered from VB-Airsuspension and your air suspension system can be repaired as quickly as possible.

Victor Benno