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Foreword from the Director - E-NEWS September 2014

Placed on 18/09/2014

Here at VB-Airsuspension we are once again in the midst of the trade fair season. One or two fairs have already been and gone, but there are still several more in the offing. All of which means we can expect an exciting, busy period over the coming weeks, with plenty of opportunities to learn and enjoy what's on offer! This will be a further opportunity to raise our profile as well as meet our partners, dealers, customers and the end users.
Products on show will include our VB-SemiAir kit for the AL-KO AMC chassis. We will also be introducing the one and only VB-APP at the upcoming fairs. The App is a handy tool allowing you to instantly access all the information you need on your system, as well as operate your air suspension. For further details please go to our website.
As in other years there will be plenty for visitors to see and do on the VB stands.
In addition to our participation in trade fairs we are also increasing our visibility in the market place via the press, amongst whom the growth of our company has not gone unnoticed. VB and our products have received extensive coverage over recent times in the Dakar Guide4WD MagazineOff-Road Magazine and others.

Recently, VB-Airsuspension carried out a new customer satisfaction survey. The growth of the company is such that we felt the time had come to take a modern approach to understanding how our customers view us. After all, our own customers have got the most to teach us when it comes to improving our products and services. We were keen to get straight to work on analysing the feedback received, and we were very pleased with the results. VB-Airsuspension scored an average of 4.3 on a 5-point scale: not bad, if we say so ourselves! However, there is still room for improvement and this is where we will be focusing our efforts in the future.

The automotive sector will be faced with a new challenge as of November 2014. From this time, the vast majority of suppliers within the automotive industry who modify the weight, centre of gravity, wheels, tyres or brakes of a vehicle or who fit parts in or on vehicles must demonstrate that their product does not impair the functioning of the Electronic Stability Control (ESC, also referred to as ESP) of the vehicle. If this cannot be demonstrated, the ESC will have to be disabled. The ESC  supports the driver in critical situations where the vehicle is likely to skid. ESC is considered to be one of the biggest advances of recent decades in terms of vehicle safety. VB-Airsuspension recognises the importance of ESC for safety and our aim is to ensure all our products comply with the regulations. To this end, VB started preparing for the introduction of the new rules some time ago, and we can now announce the results of this process: VB-Airsuspension is now able to use a simulation program to demonstrate that our products and (air) suspension systems do not impair the functioning of the Electronic Stability Control. VB is the first non-vehicle manufacturer with access to this type of virtual system, and to be officially accredited to carry out these tests. So, when you fit a VB product or (air) suspension system you are always sure your vehicle is safe and that it meets the latest legal standards.
Find out more about the new ESC regulations here.

Victor Benno