VB Airsuspension

Introduction - WDT-Services

Placed on 18/09/2014

Why WDT Services

The homologation of vehicles or vehicle components under local and European legislation demands increasingly specific knowledge of legislation and the vehicles themselves. As vehicle systems become more and more complex with respect to safety and road holding, legislation has grown in complexity and extent. In addition, vehicles are required to undergo one or more practical tests, for which test equipment and facilities are required. In real terms this means that obtaining and/or producing a homologation document is very time-consuming.
All of which makes type approval a costly, specialist and time-consuming process.

What WDT Services offers

Support and advice in relation to all local and European legal requirements

Increasing the GVW: the provision of documents legally required to increase axle loads/GVW

Support, documentation and testing of suspension systems for pick-ups and vans (GVW < 7.5 t)

Homologation service for vehicles and vehicle components

ESC simulation: to test the vehicle stability in conformity with EU legislation if the chassis strength or location of the centre of gravity of the vehicle is modified

Partnership with VB-Airsuspension

In the light of the increasing complexity of local and European legal requirements, VB-Airsuspension decided to seek out a strong partner with the professional expertise to effectively and efficiently support VB-Airsuspension in these matters. This process led to the formation of the partnership between VB-Airsuspension and WDT Services.

Victor Benno