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VB-Airsuspension opts for Microsoft Dynamics AX and Pulse to facilitate growth

Placed on 20/02/2014

 Ambitious goals call for a new ERP system

Annual growth of 25% prompted VB-Airsuspension to look for a new ERP system. After making in-depth comparisons, the manufacturer of (air) suspension systems decided to say goodbye to its old ERP system and choose a new partner and a different system. “Microsoft Dynamics AX will help us keep growing, and the people from Pulse were the deciding factor,” says Iginio Voorhorst, VB Airsuspension's founder, about his choice.



“The old system had reached its limit and something had to change,” explains Voorhorst. Founded in 1993, the business has changed over the years. A turning point came in 2005, when the company decided to focus entirely on (air) suspension systems. It turned out to be a great success, but with consequences for the IT environment. “Our existing system no longer did what we wanted and needed it to do. IT was supposed to help us, but now it was simply costing us more work,” explains Voorhorst.

The decision to get rid of the old system had to wait a while. Says Voorhorst: “The whole company was involved in the choice.  Our staff are the ones who actually have to work with the system, so it was important for everyone to work towards the same goal.” This goal was finally achieved using Pulse with Microsoft Dynamics AX. Voorhorst explains: “Everyone had a good feeling about Pulse right from the start – the enthusiasm, the determination – and the people from Pulse showed their commitment from day one. They came up with the right information, and everyone felt they really wanted to help us and understood our processes.”


This is what Hiljon te Boome, Pulse’s Director Operations, has to say about his new client: “We got to know VB-Airsuspension as an excellent, dynamic and ambitious company with a healthy work ethic. From day one, we felt these characteristics were a perfect match with the Pulse ethos. VB-Airsuspension’s processes also dovetail perfectly with the Pulse solution for manufacturing companies that supply the automotive industry.”


Trebling production

VB-Airsuspension has set itself the goal of doubling both sales and production within three years. Within five years it aims to treble these figures. It’s an ambitious target, but an entirely realistic one according to Voorhorst, given today’s market and the decision to opt for Microsoft Dynamics AX. Says Voorhorst: “Microsoft Dynamics AX will help us achieve our ambition. At the moment we are facing problems that cost us unnecessary amounts of time and money. With the arrival of Microsoft Dynamics AX, these problems will soon disappear.”


About VB-Airsuspension B.V.

Air suspension is an increasingly important option for light commercial vehicles. Whether for greater comfort, increased stability or allowing a vehicle to rise or descend for easy access, VB-Airsuspension offers a solution for every application. VB-Airsuspension develops, produces and markets (air) suspension systems for lightweight commercial vehicles.


VB-Airsuspension is one of the few European manufacturers producing a wide range of (air) suspension systems, from coil springs and shock absorbers to semi and full air suspension, for customers with many different applications such as ambulances, car transporters, buses, wheelchair users and camper vans.


VB-Airsuspension exports to around 65 countries worldwide. Sales are organised through an extensive (European) dealer network and VB-Airsuspension’s own branches in the Netherlands, Germany, France, the UK, Russia, North America, and soon also India.


Victor Benno